Atletico GO vs Antofagasta – Preview and Prediction

Atletico GO vs Antofagasta – No other team in the group has been able to beat the Brazilian team. With two games left, the Brazilian team has already won enough points to move on to the next round. The chances that Brazil will keep all three points are much higher than the chances that Paraguay will win at the Castelao stadium. We think they will win without too much trouble because of this.

As the second half of the group stage starts, two of the teams will have to take a little more risk to make it to the playoffs. We think this game will have a lot of clear chances to score goals, and the final score will be big.

We think it will be hard for Chile to score at home if Pumas doesn’t change how they play. Most of the time, the Brazilians lose only when their opponents put them under a lot of pressure and attack them over and over again. Antofagasta is not very good at attacking, so it is unlikely that they will be able to score.

Vozao was supposed to have a great start to the season after beating Palmeiras in a match that nobody saw coming. But they lost the next three games and are now in the zone for getting kicked out of the league.

Atletico Goianiense lost 1-0 to Atletico Paranaense on the fourth day of the Brasilerao. Even though Vozao had 60% of the ball, they didn’t create any dangerous chances and didn’t make up for the goal they gave up in the 49th minute.

Atletico GO vs Antofagasta- Betting Analysis

In the eleventh round of the Chilean league, Diego Reveco’s first game as the team’s new coach ended in a tie with Huachipato. At the Calvo y Bascuan Stadium, the game was slow and neither team had any clear ideas.
The interim coach will make his second appearance at the continental tournament, where his team must win or they will be out of the tournament early.

Atletico GO vs Antofagasta – Head To Head

Atletico GO vs Antofagasta - Head To Head

Our Predictions: Over 2.5 Goals

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