NEWS IN ENTERTAINMENT 85% of Nigerian women identify as lesbians, according to actress Uju Mandy.

September 23, 2022

The plus-size Nollywood star Uju Mandy recently made an intriguing admission regarding the sexual orientation of the majority of Nigerian women.

The fairly opinionated script interpreter hinted that roughly 85% of Nigerian women practice lesbianism but cover it up with men in the blog comment area.

“For girls, a saint will be forming in this remark section. Low-key L3sbianism is what they engage in. In actuality, 85% of Nigerian girls identify as lesbians, the author claimed.

Funny enough, there are a number of comments that back up her assertions, and the majority of them argue that the proportion is higher than 85, possibly even 95 or 90.


Remember that Uju Mandy disclosed reasons why she is not wanting to settle down anytime soon after claiming she is still unmarried and not ready for marriage.

The mother of one added the criteria under which she would consent to becoming a second wife.

I am quite afraid of getting married, she says. It is not simple. I’m not even prepared for the present because I’m afraid of getting divorced. Because they are by nature polygamous, men will always commit adultery. A man cannot be stopped from cheating by jazz. But I’m not perfect; I’ve cheated on a spouse before. I repeated that I had discovered his infidelity. I won’t divorce my husband if we get married and he cheats. We’ll work things out, and I’ll forgive him. Married women can also cheat.

It has not been simple for UjuMandy to deal with her plus-sized boobs.

The single mother from the Anambra state bemoaned her suffering.

“I have many difficulties as a woman with plus-sized b00bs, particularly insults from individuals. I’m referring about numerous insults from both sexes. Due to my huge b00bs, some people have even body shamed me. While others may claim that I have sense on my breast. All manner of derogatory language, but I don’t really care. Someone recently criticized me once more, suggesting that I lack common sense and only use my large breasts to reason.

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