“Keeping my virginity has been challenging, but I’ll stay strong,” said BB. Nollywood Cindy Okafor

September 23, 2022

Cindy Okafor, a nollywood actress and former Big Brother Naija housemate, has expressed her problems as a virgin.

The Reality Show star revealed this in a comment on a virginity-related Instagram post.

Cindy claims that maintaining her virginity hasn’t been simple, but she’s doing a good job of handling things. She said that it had been challenging to maintain her virginity, but she vowed to persevere.

The days of Cindy Okafor spending money on guys are long gone, she previously stated in an interview.

She emphasized the traits that make a man appealing to her. I’m enamored with very tall guys, therefore he has to be tall, she stated. He must have some physical attractiveness and be well-dressed. For me, the most important requirement is that he possess common sense. I want us to connect intellectually, even if we gossip and play. The days when I spent money on guys are long gone, so he must have something going for him. He must be quite relaxed. Additionally, I detest lying, therefore that turns me off in a male.

Okafor said that no man could provide her with the type of money she needs. I’m not suggesting I’ll date a guy who’s broke, but he has to be diligent and have something going for him, she added. However, some women just talk to men about helping them financially in their chats. Although I have no problem taking money from my boyfriend, I don’t believe any man can provide me the kind of money I’m seeking for. I have to work hard because of this.

Additionally, the former BBN competitor said that she does not feel under any obligation to present a false persona on social media. I don’t always like to disclose all of my accomplishments, she remarked. I only write posts about my company and use my page to amuse others. People will soon be able to view a lot of my successes on my new blog, which I intend to create. I’m not under any pressure to live a particular way. When minor things happen to someone, those who now applaud them tomorrow will be critical of them. I would suggest keeping some areas of your private life private if you don’t have a “strong mentality” (thick skin) like Bobrisky.

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