As radio station talkSPORT receives calls to fire him after he vanished, former England footballer Trevor Sinclair DELETES his tweet saying “black and brown” people should not mourn the Queen, as well as his Twitter account.
On Thursday afternoon, the Queen passed away at Balmoral at the age of 96. Following her passing, Sinclair stated on Twitter that “black and brown” people should not grieve.

During her time as head of state, he thinks racism has been “allowed to thrive.”

Since then, followers have urged TalkSPORT to fire the pundit on social media.

Trying to contact the former midfielder regarding his now-deleted Tweet

Trevor Sinclair, a former England footballer, has since deleted his tweet in which he claimed that because Queen Elizabeth II allowed racism to “thrive” during her reign, “black and brown” people should not mourn her passing.

Shortly after Buckingham Palace announced the Queen’s passing on Thursday evening, Sinclair sent his Tweet. The 49-year-old was swiftly criticized by fans, who demanded that TalkSPORT fire the football analyst.

Trevor Sinclair removes his tweet about the passing of Queen after receiving criticism from TalkSPORT.
Trevor Sinclair removes his tweet about the passing of Queen after receiving criticism from TalkSPORT.


TalkSPORT has been attempting to get in touch with Sinclair as a result, but since the incident, the radio station has been unable to connect with the former Manchester City midfielder.


Sinclair wrote in a now-deleted Tweet, “Why should black and brown mourn!! Racism was outlawed in England in the 60’s & it’s been allowed to thrive.”


Simon Jordan, a former owner of Crystal Palace and TalkSPORT coworker, immediately responded to Sinclair’s claim that his Tweet was inappropriate.


Trev, I’m really not sure that is a suitable thought, let alone tweet, he said. Since a very important person has left the country, respect and value ought to rule the day rather than hostility.



Georgie Bingham, another former coworker of Sinclair’s at TalkSPORT, shared the same confusion over Sinclair’s Tweet. Trev, bloody hell, she cried. What in the name of hell are you thinking?


Aaron McLean, a former forward for Peterborough, expressed his shock at Sinclair’s Tweet as well. It would be an understatement to say that he was perplexed as to why you felt the need to tweet this.


When asked why “black and brown” people shouldn’t mourn the Queen, Trevor Sinclair deleted his tweet.


Since the 1960s, according to Sinclair, the Queen has permitted racism to “thrive” in England.



Sinclair’s Tweet shocked football fans all over the world, and they demanded that the former Manchester City midfielder be punished for his remarks.


Fans warned TalkSPORT on social media that they would lose listener support if they didn’t fire Sinclair.


Someone who was following Trevor Sinclair was asked to unfollow. He is a scandal. Talk Sport must be eliminated.


Shortly after the Queen’s passing was announced by Buckingham Palace, Sinclair sent a tweet.



Simon Jordan criticized Sinclair for his remarks about the Queen after her passing


Another person added, “If TalkSPORT’s Trevor Sinclair isn’t fired tomorrow, I won’t ever listen to TalkSPORT again.”


While another supporter yelled, “Hang ur head in shame scum, I’m trying to call TalkSPORT to sack Trevor Sinclair unbelievable from an ex England internationalist.”


Trevor Sinclair recently ended his TalkSPORT career, a different fan wrote. f****** vile human being you are.



Before another person chimed in, “Has anyone seen Trevor Sinclair?” I’m glad he’s crawled back under the rock where he belongs. Thank goodness, P45s can now be sent via email, and TalkSPORT is being ethical.



Others used the social media platform to send Sinclair direct messages in which they criticized him for being “insensitive and uneducated.”


“To Trevor Sinclair, You are an insensitive, uneducated prick,” one supporter yelled. The Queen spent her entire life serving this country, and you bring up race, you pitiful moron… Respect her because, above all, she was a mother and grandmother who was adored by countless people.


Added yet another was Trevor Sinclair. I used to think of you as a sensible Hammer who came off as a top man, but today you revealed your true colors. I’m sorry, but you’re a c*** God bless our Queen.



Since then, TalkSPORT has denounced Sinclair’s tweet and confirmed that they have contacted the employee in question while looking into the situation.



They wrote on Twitter, “We have been attempting to get in touch with Trevor Sinclair as a result of opinions posted on his Twitter account.” TalkSPORT is looking into the situation and rejects the views expressed.