Check Out “Tottenham legend Teddy Sheringham persuaded Harry Kane not to join Bayern Munich.” If I were Harry Kane, I wouldn’t go to Bayern, said the former striker to Lord Ping.

“I don’t think the German league is all that appealing at Kane’s age, in my opinion. As we’ve seen with youngsters like Sancho and Bellingham who went there with a clear development plan, I can understand younger players moving there, but Kane is at a different point in his career.

What will Kane gain by moving to Bayern? He’ll likely win a championship and play in the Champions League. That is not the step I believe I would be seeking in my prime.

“I can understand Real Madrid’s attraction. That has considerably more attraction than Bayern, especially with the allure of representing the biggest team in Spain, a squad that is consistently among the favorites to win the Champions League, etc.

Tottenham Legend Teddy Sheringham Persuaded Harry Kane Not To Join Bayern Munich
Tottenham Legend Teddy Sheringham Persuaded Harry Kane Not To Join Bayern Munich

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In response to a query on his first season with Liverpool, Fabio Carvalho said he ‘doesn’t speak’ to Jurgen Klopp.

The 20-year-old transferred from Fulham to the club last summer, although he didn’t play much in his first season with the Reds.

He is now joining Bundesliga team RB Leipzig on loan for the upcoming season.

In an interview with The Athletic, Carvalho was questioned about if Klopp had given him any advise before relocating to Germany.

I don’t really speak to him, so he didn’t give me any advice, he said in response.

I don’t believe it’s a bad thing that I have to learn things as I go. That, in my opinion, is superior in terms of my personal and professional development.

By saying: “I feel like the reason it hasn’t worked at Liverpool is because of the position I have been playing,” the young player also alluded to his frustration and potential unfulfilled promises from the club regarding his role.

I was told that I would enter the game as a 10, although Leipzig uses two 10s, whilst Liverpool doesn’t really use a 10.