Read Up “Reece James told Mason Mount he will “always be blue at heart” after joining Manchester United.” Mount signed a five-year contract at Old Trafford after leaving Stamford Bridge in a £55 million transfer.

James also shared photos of himself and his old colleague from their time at Chelsea in an emotional Instagram post in which he reflected on their time together.

James captioned the upload with: “Ma [sic] brother guy. Where do I begin?

“I’ve known you since we were both six years old. We developed together and followed comparable pathways to make the first team.

“Something that was almost inconceivable. I’m glad to announce that I accomplished it with you.

You’ve done yourself and your family proud. I’ve known you since you were a young boy and watched you develop into the man and player you are today.

“We’ve had some of the best days of our careers, and I’ll never forget them. To say goodbye is painful.

“On your new voyage, I wish you nothing but pleasure, health, and success! You will always have a blue heart.

Mount, a recent addition to Manchester United, retorted, “My brother from day one, so many moments shared together! I’m so proud of you. Regards, RJ.

Reece James Told Mason Mount He Will "Always Be Blue At Heart" After Joining Manchester United
Reece James Told Mason Mount He Will “Always Be Blue At Heart” After Joining Manchester United

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Ray Winstone, a British actor, will join Southend United’s board after denying rumors he was involved in the takeover.

Winstone, a co-founder of the advertising firm ISM, said exclusively on talkSPORT’s Drivetime yesterday: “I can’t… I am a member of an agency, hence I am unable to serve in any capacity on the board of a football club.

Because I have a deep passion for Southend, I did have discussions with a certain company about it. When I was a youngster, it was the first team I ever went to watch play football.

“Since my uncle Len took me to see Southend perform when I was a young child since my nan used to live there, I’ve always had a little crush on them.

“I hope someone takes over and turns it into a blinding club, because it needs some money injected into it.”

Winstone also made light of recent claims that Dwanye ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a Hollywood actor and former WWE wrestler, is also involved in the takeover of the Essex club.

“Can you picture me and The Rock?” he said. No, just a little bit of Southend or Brighton rock!

“But no, it’s a bunch of nonsense; people are bandying things around. I’m not sure.

“I think the people moving into Southend have great intentions of actually doing some good stuff there. They want to develop the stadium there and with that kind of facility they’re talking about, good players will want to go there at that level and hopefully it will stand them in good stead for the future,” said the man moving in.