Read Up “Our long-awaited news… UEFA revealed Euro 2024’s mascot” The mascot pays homage to such heritage and was created to encourage kids to be active. It was inspired by the common teddy bear, which is thought to have been created in Germany in the early 20th century.

However, UEFA hasn’t yet given it a name and is asking fans to choose from four suggestions over the course of the next two weeks until the winner is declared.

“A small bear with great thoughts,” said Albärt. The ideal companion for any football enthusiast!”
“A German bear made for the global stage!” exclaimed Bärnardo. For game day, Bärnardo is prepared.
Bärnheart: “Eager and prepared to bring the football community of the world together in the center of Europe!”
“A small bear with all the heart and lives for the joy of the game,” says Herzi von Bär.

And that’s probably for the best because if not, he would wind up being referred to as Beary McBearface.

Our Long-Awaited News... UEFA revealed Euro 2024's Mascot
Our Long-Awaited News… UEFA revealed Euro 2024’s Mascot


England superstar Jack Grealish has opened up on his wild celebrations after Man City completed the treble.

Grealish responded to a talkSPORT question by saying, “Of course! I think this was one of my favorite times in my life.

I had a significant role in something that will go down in Man City history over the second half of the season.

“My favorite weekend of all time was last weekend. I’m still working on accepting it. The past week has been such a high point for me.

“I’m doing fine. On Wednesday and Thursday, I worked out, and I felt fine. Obviously, I felt wonderful on Saturday and Sunday.

When asked if the criticism of his pre-match celebrations for two England games concerned him, Grealish responded, “Not really. I had accomplished a once-in-a-lifetime feat. When it was last carried out… It hasn’t been done for a very long time; I’m not sure when Man United did it.

“Then why not rejoice in that manner? I had everyone with me. Going out with my buddies meant that I wasn’t by myself. I was with the entire group.

“We had a good time on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. My life’s best weekend was mine. I was overcome with emotion after winning the Champions League.

“I was definitely experiencing my highest level of emotional high ever. I knew I wouldn’t be playing on Friday even though the manager didn’t let me know.

“I felt fine when I entered today. There will always be those in the background criticizing you no matter what you do in life. It is an inherent aspect of life.

My focus is entirely on England. I spent Tuesday night in camp because of this. Undoubtedly, this past weekend was the best of my life.