Read Up “Mauricio Pochettino says midfielder Conor Gallagher is in his plans for the new season.” According to talkSPORT, West Ham and Tottenham are both interested in Gallagher, who the Blues want to buy for £50 million.

Pochettino feels the Englishman is an important element of his team despite having already traded a number of midfielders.

“Conor is in our plans,” he stated, “I was talking with him the first day he arrived that he is in our plans.”

“Then in football, anything can happen, we can manage, and right now, I am happy with him, with his performance, still on a two-year contract, and there is nothing to say,” he continued.

“It depends on the circumstances of the various participants. We are working on adding another [midfield player], but it will depend on what transpires over the coming weeks. We’ll decide first, then make a choice.

Mauricio Pochettino Says Midfielder Conor Gallagher Is In His Plans For The New Season
Mauricio Pochettino Says Midfielder Conor Gallagher Is In His Plans For The New Season

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America wants to host Premier League matches there.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy observed 82,000 spectators at the MetLife Stadium pre-season match between Man United and Arsenal.

Governor Murphy, an America 2026 World Cup administrator, wants a European fixture played in the US, too.

“We would die for a real competitive game anywhere in America. He thought a Champions League game in New York/New Jersey would be overwhelming.

“European clubs haven’t liked that. Charlie Stillitano, a friend, brought the pre-season game here. What European clubs want matters more.

But I suppose United and Arsenal see this as a good brand: putting your finest players out there, 82,000 fans in New York/New Jersey.

“Barcelona would play Real Madrid in New Jersey in a regular season or Champions League game. I hope it happens.

“NFL is a good model. As you know, they play genuine games in Europe successfully. My New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts in Frankfurt in November. 700,000 tickets were sold for a 55,000-seat stadium.

Richard Scudamore’s 2008 plan for a 39th game was vehemently opposed and abandoned. Premier League bosses reconsidered forming a European Super League two years ago after supporters protested.

Murphy continued, “Clubs and their fans will decide, or maybe if there is a different configuration or a super league ever happens.” “US fans would die for a real competitive game anywhere in America,” he said. You wouldn’t get near that game in New York/New Jersey.”