Check Out “Mason Mount refused to sign autographs for “fans” in a video. Manchester United issued a statement.” United claim professional autograph hunters harass Red Devils players into signing stuff they sell for huge money.

It has also become a “major problem” outside their Carrington training base.

The club has warned that these scenarios are “dangerous” and “only a matter of time before someone gets hurt”.

“Unfortunately this kind of situation has become far too common,” the team said. Mason doesn’t deserve it after being so nice to everyone since joining United.

“Professional autograph hunters pressure United players to sign large quantities of items that they sell for hundreds of pounds. Carrington’s daily issue.

“These organized groups will block players’ cars and harass them as they arrive and leave work. It’s unsafe and someone will get hurt soon.

“It also means that young fans, who just want to interact with their heroes, often miss out because players can’t stop to take pictures with them without engaging with the groups. Security staff and players discuss how to fix it, which frustrates everyone.

“Action will start if it persists.”


Mason Mount Refused To Sign Autographs For "Fans" In A Video. Manchester United Issued A Statement
Mason Mount Refused To Sign Autographs For “Fans” In A Video. Manchester United Issued A Statement

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