Read Up “Dimitri Payet cried after announcing his Marseille exit.” The French forward was let go by the French club after seven years.

Payet was acquired by West Ham from Marseille in 2015. After a standout debut campaign with the London club, the playmaker sealed a fairly acrimonious exit back to Marseille in January 2017.

The Frenchman recently stated that he did not intend to quit the club this summer.

However, the club no longer wants him at age 36, and his contract has been canceled.

In 326 games for Marseille, Payet contributed to 173 direct goals (78 goals, 95 assists).

Dimitri Payet Cried After Announcing His Marseille Exit
Dimitri Payet Cried After Announcing His Marseille Exit

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Ange Postecoglou has acknowledged that the Harry Kane situation has him “not relaxed.”

The new Tottenham manager wants the transfer issue to end quickly amid the ongoing rumors about his future and a potential summer transfer to Bayern Munich.

According to recent statements from the team’s preseason tour of Australia, the manager believes that the striker or Spurs shouldn’t have to deal with any more uncertainty.

Postecoglou smiled and shook his head when asked if he was at ease with the Kane situation. “Fair to say I am not relaxed about it! You can’t just say, “Oh, well, you know if it happens or not!” It’s a crucial component of this football club, not just the team but the entire organization, he remarked.

“He is such a huge figure, and as I’ve already stated, even though my daily concentration isn’t on it because I have other things to do, I know that every time I talk to you guys or anytime Harry talks, it’s going to be the first question you’re going to ask.

“So, you must deal with it, and I believe we shouldn’t be doing it for too long for the sake of everyone involved.

“I don’t believe that is beneficial to anyone. As laser-focused as we try to be, I don’t think it is healthy for Harry or the club because you wind yourself sort of repeating yourself along the road.

“On the other hand, I don’t want to give it a deadline since that would put even more pressure on myself. You want these events to occur for the appropriate causes. He’s still under contract with our football club, so that’s how I perceive him in reality.

It’s not like his contract is about to expire on August 12 and he has to make a choice; he still has a year left. As a result, while not being at ease, I am not pressuring him or anyone else at the football club by saying, “Well, we need to do this.” But I doubt that anyone really wants it to continue for too long.