Check Out “Dietmar Hamann thinks Arsenal will show the “real Kai Havertz.” Following his move to Arsenal from Chelsea, the former Germany midfielder praised his countryman and predicted that the latter will be a different player for the Gunners in the upcoming campaign.

According to him, Havertz is most effective while playing in the role of a second striker, which is a role that he can fulfill in the Gunners attack with Gabriel Jesus.

According to Hamann, who was speaking to Lord Ping, “I think Kai Havertz’s best position is up front, just off the main striker.”

I believe that he will be playing up top with Gabriel Jesus. Havertz should thrive under Arsenal’s passing-oriented style of play because the Gunners like to distribute the ball a great deal more than Chelsea does, in my opinion.

“We will see the real Havertz that we saw when he was 17 and scoring important goals at Bayer Leverkusen,” Havertz’s former coach said. When Havertz was still in school, he scored a goal that prevented Bayer Leverkusen from being demoted to the second division. I remember it. Havertz is the player that everyone should be keeping an eye on because he is going to be a completely different player this coming season.

“Havertz would play better with an out-and-out number nine, someone like Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, or Robert Lewandowski, because they keep defenders occupied, which gives Havertz the space he needs to do his job.”

“Gabriel Jesus tends to drift wide, but we’ve seen how brilliant of a player he can be, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them link up well together,” said the commentator. “[T]hey have a lot of chemistry.”

Dietmar Hamann Thinks Arsenal Will Show The "Real Kai Havertz"
Dietmar Hamann Thinks Arsenal Will Show The “Real Kai Havertz”

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