Eloswag, a housemate on Big Brother Naija, has disclosed that after the Saturday night celebration, the contestant started crying.

Published : 15 August 2022

On Sunday, Eloswag revealed to Adekunle that Chiomzy’s injury to him was the reason he cried. In case you forgot, Eloswag had said he wanted to date Chiomzy. Sheggz was told by Chiomzy that she likes Groovy after the party, though.

Groovy is her type of man, according to her, and she has a crush on him. “Last Night I Cried in the Downstairs Restroom When I Saw Groovy and Chomzy,” Eloswag recalled.

She lied to me, and I was so hurt that I smashed my glasses. He told Adekunle, “When we went upstairs, I heard her tell Sheggz that she liked Groovy.

In the meantime, Groovy and his lover Beauty were having an altercation last week over dancing with Chiomzy. Beauty was expelled from the reality show as a result of receiving two strikes following the incident, which infuriated her.

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