Check Out “West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady criticized Luton fans for their disgusting shouts towards Jarrod Bowen’s partner Dani Dyer.” A portion of Hatters fans harassed the Love Island star after Bowen scored in the Hammers’ 2-1 win on Friday.

Brady told talkSPORT: “He’s [Bowen] such a nice young man, I was there obviously at Luton watching the game, and I have to say, some of the chants he had to put up with were absolutely vile.

“I was furious when the newspaper—I won’t say which—called that chant ‘amusing’.

Calling his partner, a young woman with three children, by those names has nothing to do with his football career.

“They used that against him, which I thought was vile and disgusting, and for a newspaper to call it ‘amusing’ was wrong.

“It’s not funny or amusing, and it shouldn’t happen.”

West Ham Vice-Chairman Karren Brady Criticized Luton Fans For Their Disgusting Shouts Towards Jarrod Bowen's Partner Dani Dyer
West Ham Vice-Chairman Karren Brady Criticized Luton Fans For Their Disgusting Shouts Towards Jarrod Bowen’s Partner Dani Dyer

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The alleged Roy Keane assault left blood on the Emirates floor.

One unknown guy headbutted Sky Sports analyst Keane during Arsenal’s match against Manchester United.

Micah Richards defused the situation, and Metropolitan police are investigating.

An eyewitness told the Express: “The incident occurred shortly before the 90th minute in the Highbury Bar for platinum members.

The supporter seemed to headbutt Roy Keane. I saw a mark between his eyebrows.

Micah Richards hit the door with the fan. I heard the battle and was shocked by the participants.

Richards stopped the fan from attacking Keane, and neither their security nor the door security could separate them. Keane asked nearby colleagues to call 911.

Richards and Keane removed the fan from the building with additional security down the escalator.

The exit adjacent to the video presumably brought Keane and Richards back to Sky Sports.

Blood was found on the floor where the fan was led out. Roy Keane’s bodyguard Micah Richards.”

Jadon Sancho erred by publicly criticizing Erik ten Hag.

TalkSPORT journalist and former Chelsea player Andy Townsend responded on the winger’s statement.

On talkSPORT Breakfast, he said: “I find, if Ten Hag is going public with ‘Jadon’s not training particularly well,’ As Jadon Sancho, I’d be annoyed if he hadn’t told me.

I’d be annoyed if he didn’t say, “Listen, I need more from you Monday-Friday, never mind Saturday and Sunday, I need more during the week.”

“If he hadn’t said that and then told the press Sancho isn’t training enough, that would annoy you.

But do you immediately join social media? A bad idea.”

Rangers player Ally McCoist said: “I think Jadon Sancho’s problem right now is he’s got nowhere to go with his performances.

“If he’s playing well and benched, he may have a case.”

Townsend answered, “He’s had a handful of decent games [since joining from Borussia Dortmund], that’s all he’s had.”