Check Out “Sandro Tonali’s agent Guiseppe Riso called Newcastle’s offer difficult to reject” Because the £60 million deal will bolster the coffers of the Italian heavyweights as well as the midfielder’s former club Brescia, the transfer is one that is practical for all parties involved as it draws closer to completion.

“Mission accomplished?,” Riso asked.Not just yet; there are still a few days, perhaps even a little bit more, remaining.

It is challenging to turn down a substantial offer for both the organization and the player. We reached an agreement with Newcastle on all of the parameters pertaining to Tonali, and the two clubs are currently working to finalize the deal. The agreement reached with Newcastle will remain in effect for the subsequent five years.

“The youngster is not anxious because he is aware that when such significant offers come in from such significant properties, it is difficult to deny them both for the club and for the boy. This knowledge allows him to maintain his composure. On the player’s side, we have come to an agreement, and now the two clubs are working to define their relationship. Once this step has been completed, he will undergo medical examinations within the next few days.

This is a fantastic price, and Newcastle is the ideal location for Tonali’s next construction. At any cost, Newcastle intended to make Sandro a crucial addition to their roster. He will be an important contributor. This arrangement is also very beneficial to the financial situations of AC Milan and Brescia.

Sandro Tonali's Agent Guiseppe Riso Called Newcastle's Offer Difficult To Reject
Sandro Tonali’s Agent Guiseppe Riso Called Newcastle’s Offer Difficult To Reject

Chelsea have rejected another offer from Manchester United for Mason Mount.

The Red Devils submitted their third offer for the England midfielder, which consisted of an initial sum of £50 million plus a further £5 million in add-ons.

Nevertheless, Chelsea has decided not to go further with that proposition.

United had been adamant that their third offer was their final one, and if Chelsea rejected it, they were ready to drop out of the transaction and walk away from the deal.

However, United insiders continue to have optimism that a deal may be reached for Mount because Erik ten Hag has referred to the player as an important signing for the club.

Despite the fact that Chelsea has been playing hardball with regard to the transfer money, the club is willing to allow Mount join their Premier League rivals and has offered to meet with United in an effort to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

It is conceivable that a contract worth a total of sixty million pounds would be sufficient to make it happen.