Read up on “Obi Mikel Still Not Replaced By Chelsea —Cole”. Former Chelsea player Joe Cole says the Blues haven’t found a John Obi Mikel replacement. Cole said it on Mikel’s podcast, Obi One.

Mikel and the 42-year-old were Chelsea colleagues from 2006 to 2010, when the former England international joined Liverpool before the 2010/11 season. Both Chelsea players won the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, and Community Shield.

Cole explained how Mikel became an important Chelsea player: “There was a tremendous uproar because of the Manchester United link; in the papers it was like ‘did he sign for Manchester United’.”

Alex Ferguson was furious; Chelsea was fighting for him, and I thought he must be a monster player. Everyone wanted him, so he must be amazing.

Coming to the club and playing defense, he had to depose Claude Makelele, which was difficult. Chelsea wisely signed John, believing Makelele would go in a few years and John would have a top-tier career.

“I played with Michael Carrick at West Ham, and such players are underestimated because they perform their job. I don’t think Chelsea have replaced him (Mikel), like Makelele and Carrick, who did all the little things on the pitch.

Cole said, “So we’ve gone Makelele, John Obi Mikel, and I’m hoping Caicedo will be that man, but we need someone in that anchor.”

Mikel helped Chelsea win their first Champions League in 2012. His team won the 2012–13 Europa League. The 2013 AFCON winner left the club in 2017 for China.

Obi Mikel Still Not Replaced By Chelsea —Cole - All Sports Predictions
Obi Mikel Still Not Replaced By Chelsea —Cole – All Sports Predictions

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Following his dismissal from Roma, Jose Mourinho is searching for a new position, and Saudi Arabia may be an alternative.

Expert on European football Andy Brassell said: “Saudi Arabia seems like the logical next step if you’re searching for it.” “All of the Premier League’s major teams won’t sign him.

“Four or five years ago, Paris Saint-Germain would have done anything to acquire him, but on their final opportunity, they rejected him because he was too toxic at the time.

After the Europa League final loss, some teams decided Mourinho wasn’t worth the baggage and wasn’t suited for their team. “He acts that way every week.”

Next Action
Next Action

Staying away from the area

Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Ineos are already pursuing Manchester United transfers. An incoming minority owner told United fans at a conference that he wants to help the team prosper, not profit.

His minority ownership of the club is still pending, but Ratcliffe should be in place by mid-February.

Following United’s 2-2 draw with Tottenham from the stands on Sunday, the British billionaire spoke to fans on Monday, and the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust disclosed what was discussed.

MUST stated, “His fundamental message was that everything at United must be relentlessly focused on generating winning teams on the field—something we are convinced all supporters will agree on.”

He also said he sees United as a ‘community asset’ and bought a share not to gain money.

“We addressed with Sir Jim our main priorities: a clear plan to return to the top, a football structure with the appropriate people in the right roles, an investment plan in both the teams and the stadium, and a true and powerful fan partnership that supports success.”

Fans told PA that Ineos stated that restoring the pitch is the top priority: “I sense they are not waiting for the transaction details. “I sense work has started.”

Staying away from the area
Staying away from the area