Read Up “Marcus Rashford says his “mentality changed.” after the World Cup in Qatar last winter. He can score 40 goals a season.” The 25-year-old also claimed he’ll surpass Wayne Rooney’s club scoring record.

Wazza’s record is 253 goals, and Rashford has 123, but he has plenty of years remaining to chase it.

Rashford told Gary Neville on his recent Overlap show: “[Playing for England] is a huge part of my career and I feel like the team is very strong – we’ve got a good chance of winning stuff and I’m desperate to be a part of it. After the World Cup, I felt like I was among the world’s finest players and had a new mindset.

“Before last season, I always aimed for 20 goals—a good winger benchmark. I’m 30 this season, so we must push it. The goals dried up near the conclusion of the season when I was injured and not at my best.

“If I can keep that side under taps, I can get 35 or 40.

“Lifting the Premier League trophy has been my dream since childhood. I watched your [Gary Neville] squad win so many times that it almost became natural for us to see you win it. We forgot about the hard effort you put into every game and expected to take the trophy at the end of the season. It would be amazing to win the trophy with Manchester United. Hopefully we do.

“Hopefully I will break Wayne Rooney’s United goal record. You never know, but I’m all about goals and assists. It may happen.

I told Wazza he wants me to do it! He said I should do it because I grew up at the club. I hope I can try.”

Marcus Rashford Says His "Mentality Changed" After The World Cup In Qatar Last Winter He Can Score 40 Goals A Season
Marcus Rashford Says His “Mentality Changed” After The World Cup In Qatar Last Winter He Can Score 40 Goals A Season

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Rio Ferdinand has urged “clarity” and “transparency” in the wake of the takeover of Manchester United, which is expected to last well into the upcoming Premier League season.

Months ago, new owners were expected to buy out the Glazers and start a new era for Old Trafford.

With a week until the new season, fans don’t know who will lead their club or if a takeover will place.

Ferdinand says keeping fans in the dark is unacceptable.

“The uncertainty surrounding the ownership isn’t good for the club,” the Red Devils veteran told talkSPORT.

It’s bad for the fan base and has to be fixed.

I think new owners are needed now given the fan following.

I simply believe clarity right now—I think we’ve called for openness from the owners and some genuine clarification as to their direction for the club, infrastructure, investment, etc.

“But that hasn’t been forthcoming and that’s disappointing from my standpoint.”