After scoring a stunning goal for Inter Milan, Nicolo Barella has given Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp pause for thought.

Nicolo Barella
Nicolo Barella

Inter defeated Cremonese 3-1 in Serie A, giving Simone Inzaghi’s team their third victory in as many games. The Italian midfielder scored a beautiful volley in that victory.

Due to a string of injuries in the middle of the field, the Reds are searching for a midfielder as the summer transfer window draws to a close.
The Reds have long admired Barella, a deep-lying playmaker who joined Inter in 2020. Earlier this summer, Liverpool were linked with a £60 million transfer for the player.

While it is unknown whether Klopp’s team will pursue a deal for the 25-year-old, the German manager’s remarks in a recent press conference gave rise to the possibility that he might be willing to approve a significant deal in order to advance his team.
“Look what I don’t like about [the question] is if I say now, ‘I’m not sure,’ then we make a massive thing of it, but it’s not,” Klopp responded when asked if the owners support him.
It was always this way, I now realize. Is it usually simple? No. Do we have these kinds of conversations in public? Obviously not! How could we?

“And we won’t begin with it right away.

“Let me put it this way: occasionally, I would be willing to take on a little more risk. But as I said, I don’t make that decision. It’s alright. We try everything until someone informs us that the deadline has passed and there is nothing left to be done. At that point, I don’t take a moment to reflect. So, that is what we must all do. From there, let’s move forward and turn this team into something special. They have everything, and they make a great team.


Although we have had issues in the past and haven’t always played well, we are going to give this season everything we have.