Read Up “Jota’s departure to Saudi Arabian team Al-Ittihad enraged Celtic fan Alan Brazil.” This summer, a number of high-profile players, including the Portuguese winger, have decided to take lucrative offers from clubs in the Middle East.

However, the Scottish veteran Brazil is adamant that young players like Jota, who is only 24, need to be called out for slacking off…

Jota's Departure To Saudi Arabian Team Al-Ittihad Enraged Celtic Fan Alan Brazil
Jota’s Departure To Saudi Arabian Team Al-Ittihad Enraged Celtic Fan Alan Brazil

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Mason Mount’s farewell letter to Chelsea supporters didn’t exactly leave a favorable impression on Rory Jennings.

The 24-year-old is scheduled to sign a £55 million transfer from the Blues to Manchester United this summer.

After 18 years with the club, Mount said goodbye to the Chelsea faithful in a moving video posted on social media, but some fans weren’t buying it.

To the chagrin of some Chelsea supporters, Blues supporter Jennings claimed: “Every time we’ve spoken about Mount, I believe that I’ve always been a great defender of him. I have discussed the lack of support he received at the club and have understood why he wanted to leave.

I’ve talked about how, despite playing a key role in Chelsea’s victory against Juventus in the European Cup, he would see [Kalidou] Koulibaly make more than £300,000 per week while taking home less than £100,000 himself. But this really gets under my skin.

This film, this adage, is blatantly contrived and treats people like dummies. You cannot sign for United and try to appease Chelsea supporters; you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

“If you’re aiming to score goals for United against Chelsea, you can’t please Chelsea fans. Contrary to popular belief, Chelsea and United are rivals. They are not, for example, rivals with Leeds, Tottenham, or even Arsenal.

“But United are a huge opponent; we have a great deal of animosity for them, and we have competed against them for titles. The fact that he chose to contract with them despite the hostility among the supporters is acceptable because you acted professionally.

“Don’t try it with us right now, but you’ve determined that they’re a better alternative for you financially and perhaps for your football career. This video is so apparent that you should not release it.

“I can see exactly what he’s doing, and any Chelsea supporter who falls for this… It’s so clear what’s happening; all it takes is a little bit of critical thinking to see what’s happening. He is indifferent.