Read Up “Frank Lampard wanted Chelsea to re-sign Declan Rice during his first managerial stint.” The Blues great envisioned the midfielder as the ‘leader of Chelsea for the next ten years’ in the near future.

However, the team was unable to make it happen, and he is now expected to join their London rivals Arsenal.

Declan Rice was someone Lampard wanted to bring in when he was at Chelsea in the past.

Steven Bartlett on the latest the Diary of a CEO podcast.

“I thought this youngster would lead Chelsea for the next ten years.

It wasn’t real, and analyzing other people’s work is difficult.

Frank Lampard Wanted Chelsea To Re-Sign Declan Rice During His First Managerial Stint
Frank Lampard Wanted Chelsea To Re-Sign Declan Rice During His First Managerial Stint

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In case you missed it – three-time major winner Jordan Spieth has confirmed he and fellow golfer Justin Thomas are now minority stakeholders in Leeds United.

When the team was demoted from the Premier League in May, another professional who was supposed to join the two friends—Rickie Fowler—pulled out of a pact.

With 49ers Enterprises, an American investing organization that also owns the San Francisco 49ers, Spieth and Thomas have joined.

NFL team, who assumed leadership of the organization after reaching an agreement to purchase the majority share held by chairman Andrea Radrizzani.

Relegation wasn’t ideal, but later on, Spieth said to Sky Sports, “we got involved with the 49ers group who were purchasing a larger share in Leeds United to do the stuff they do so successfully everywhere else they have touched and thought it would be a really cool opportunity.”

It’s finished. Within the larger 49ers organization, me and Justin have a very little stake.

“After being demoted, they [the 49ers] renegotiated, and we had to decide whether to accept it or not.

As long as they can be promoted [to the Premier League] soon, it turned out to be something we always wanted to do.

When asked if Fowler was involved, Spieth continued, “I don’t think so. Once they were demoted, I believe he decided against it.