Check Out “Erik ten Hag prolonged Jonny Evans’ Manchester United loan.” After being released from his contract with Leicester, he decided to re-join the club where he had previously spent nine years in order to assist them with their pre-season preparations.

It was anticipated that the central defender from Northern Ireland would only be available for the Red Devils’ friendlies against Lyon and Wrexham.

However, in order to cover expenses at Old Trafford, he will be kept on beyond the scope of his first short-term contract.

“We need the numbers in the coming days in training,” the Dutchman stated.

“As you can see, Fred is not here, and [Anthony] Elanga also returned [to play for Nottingham Forest].”

They are here because we require the numbers for good training in order to meet our goals, and that is the reason why they are here.

Erik Ten Hag Prolonged Jonny Evans' Manchester United Loan
Erik Ten Hag Prolonged Jonny Evans’ Manchester United Loan

Covert negotiations on Lionel Messi’s MLS transfer reportedly began in 2019, according to Inter Miami co-owner David Beckham.

The player who won the World Cup joined the club over the summer and has already scored three goals in the club’s two triumphs in the League Cup.

It is possible that he will lead the team to the Major League Soccer playoffs in his debut season, which would be an excellent return for a contract that took four years to negotiate.

Beckham has been quoted as saying to The Athletic that they “got on a plane and flew to Barcelona from London covertly.”

“We sneaked into a hotel, where we were able to see Jorge Messi, who is not only Lionel’s father but also his agent, and we began the dialogue. It simply stated, “We would love it if your son could play for our team at some point in the future.” We are aware that Leo is unable to visit Miami at this time, but we hope that he will be able to do so in the future.

“Then obviously Jorge (Mas) did an incredible job creating a narrative around what he could do for the sport in this country, what he could do for Major League Soccer, and what he could do for Inter Miami,” Mas said.

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