Check Out “Danny Murphy thinks Steven Gerrard joined Al Ettifaq to strengthen his coaching.” Yesterday, it was announced that the Liverpool icon will be joining the Saudi Arabian club, despite the fact that he had previously turned down a move.

Simon Jordan was extremely critical of Gerrard’s decision to go to Al Ettifaq, stating that it is a decision based on money and that it puts Gerrard’s reputation “in the toilet.”

However, Murphy, who played with Gerrard during his time at Liverpool, has come to the Liverpool legend’s defense.

“I spoke to him briefly when he was deciding for the first time a few weeks ago,” Murphy disclosed on Drive. “It was a tough decision for him.” A couple of weeks ago, he turned down the employment offer…

“It’s ridiculous in some ways to talk about it, but he was looking for a football project that he knew he could profit from in some manner, and where he could actually learn something, and where he could actually enhance his coaching, and where he could genuinely get back to work, if you will.

“When he turned it down, my initial thought was that he had gone, ‘There’s an opportunity over here,’ which he feels is going to be better for his long-term management career. This would make sense, so let’s forget about the financial aspect.

“Because obviously, if you were to do a great job in the Championship for example and get a promotion, that is going to go on your CV. That’s just the way it is.” On the other hand, if you perform poorly in Saudi Arabia, it doesn’t really mean anything, and if you perform exceptionally well, it doesn’t really signify much either.

Therefore, it’s possible the potential didn’t come to fruition, and it’s also possible that they just threw more money at it. My general impression of Steven is that he has a strong desire to achieve success in anything he undertakes, and despite the fact that all of us are enticed by the prospect of greater money, he already has plenty of it.


Danny Murphy Thinks Steven Gerrard Joined Al Ettifaq To Strengthen His Coaching
Danny Murphy Thinks Steven Gerrard Joined Al Ettifaq To Strengthen His Coaching

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