Curry, Thompson, and Green won their fourth NBA title Thursday night in Boston. Many were writing the Warriors’ obituary in 2019 before they won their sixth league title. Klay Thompson’s career-threatening injury and Kevin Durant’s free agency marred 2019. California last in 2020 and 2021. Poole and Wiggins replaced Thompson’s 12 points against the Celtics. Curry made 6 of 11 3-pointers after missing his first postseason 3-pointer Monday.

Published: 17 June 2022

Golden State Warriors


Before Curry, Durant and Iguodala won MVP. Warriors teammates mimicked Celtics fans by yelling “f*** Draymond” after the win. Green recalled Curry, Thompson, and Iguodala. Andre has won four times with Green. Not shareable. You love homemade food. Our contributions are valued. Basketball-related. Thursday was Stephen Curry’s fourth Larry O’Brien Award. Warriors win Game 6 against Celtics. Fans applaud Thursday at Chase Center. San Francisco celebrates the Warriors’ Boston win, NBA champs Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Curry, Thompson, and Iguodala won. Damion Lee is Dell Curry’s son-in-law.

Curry drives against White and Horford in Game 6. Smart throws over Kevon Looney, Curry, Thompson, Green, and Iguodala are four-time champions. From 2015 to 2018, Golden State made five finals. Injury and roster changes wreaked havoc. Thompson’s midseason return helped Warriors. The Larry O’Brien trophy is presented in San Francisco’s Chase Center. Likewise. The Celtics missed out on tying the Lakers with 18 NBA titles.

Kevin Durant tore his Achilles tendon in Game 5 against Toronto, ensuring the Raptors’ title. Durant joined the Nets and Thompson injured his Achilles after the game. Warriors reconstructed. The Warriors drafted Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole during their two-year break. Perfection. Steve Kerr won five championships as a player. Auerbach, Kundla, Popovich, and Riley are others. 34-point Jaylen Brown Tatum scored 13 points on 6-of-18 shooting. Boston’s postseason record with 16+ turnovers is 1-8.

Boston is in their 22nd championship series. Boston (25-25) nearly won its second title since 1986. Photos and video of the championship celebration will be a reminder. Steve Kerr and Dramond Green win fourth titles. Larry O’Brien Trophy winner Curry. Andrew Wiggins aided the 2022 Warriors. Marcus Smart and Jayson Tatum discuss Game 6 loss. Adam Silver remained home for virus safety. Mark Tatum updated the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the Warriors.

Stephen Curry & Co

Boston came back from 22 points down to win 76-66. Warriors never trailed after Jaylen Brown’s 3 with 5:33 left. Tatum’s first baskets riled TD Garden. After regaining the East lead, the Celtics lost the Finals. The Warriors won three straight, including 103-90 on Thursday. The Celtics haven’t lost three straight since December, when they were sub-.500 and non-contenders. Tatum’s All-NBA selection boosted the team. He shot 6-for-18 and made 1 in Game 6.

Celtics supporters arrived at Fenway Park Thursday for Game 6. Klay Thompson (11) and Dell Curry celebrate. Tatum had 5 FPs. Celtics led 22-16 after one quarter, then Warriors scored 21 straight. This made the score 37-22, shocking Celtics fans, who booed. Tatum’s passivity and ineffectiveness sank the Celtics. He missed despite fans’ urgings. He had a shot blocked after Celtics got within 10. At 3:55, they were out of chances and called him for traveling.

Tatum wasn’t a Celtics-only problem. Mismanagement and errors. Fourth quarters of games 4 and 5 were outscored 57-39. Both Milwaukee and Miami needed seven games. 2010’s first Finals. 18th league banner waits. Tatum may help the Celtics. Thursday was NBA Finals Game 6. Celtics and Lakers share 17 NBA titles. The Warriors won two titles in Philadelphia. Celtics #27 Theis Daniel high-fives 2022 NBA Finals Game 6 at TD Garden featuring Grant Williams #12. Boston’s Jaylen Brown plays Thursday. 5th game Brown missed 18 FGs. NBA Finals Game 6 is Thursday in Boston. Warriors and Celtics triumphed with Jefferson and Perkins (2008), 2022 NBA Finals Game 6 features Jayson Tatum, Deuce Tatum, Juwan Morgan, and Sam Hauser.

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