Read Up “Cody Gakpo is delighted to play with new Liverpool newcomers Alexis Mac Allister and Dominik Szoboszlai this season.” Very happy they are here, he remarked.

“I believe that everyone is aware of their exceptional talent, and I am eager to play with them as a team.”

Gakpo remarked, regarding his preseason preparations thus far: “Very pleased to be back.

“First and foremost, I believe it’s good to see everyone again after a brief absence. Everyone is eager to return, and we want to demonstrate our abilities to everyone.

“I believe that everyone at the moment is thinking similarly: we really want to do something this year once more. That’s the goal, and we’ll work extremely hard to achieve it.

“We had a wonderful run of victories toward the conclusion of the season, and I hope we can continue that throughout the entire year. Together, we aim to take home awards and prove our abilities to everyone.

My personal goals are to work hard, keep getting better, and contribute as much as I can to the team in order to win games. I want to make a meaningful difference by scoring goals, providing assists, contributing to the team, and working hard.

Finally, as a team, we triumph, and hopefully we will do so once more.

Cody Gakpo Is Delighted To Play With New Liverpool Newcomers Alexis Mac Allister And Dominik Szoboszlai This Season
Cody Gakpo Is Delighted To Play With New Liverpool Newcomers Alexis Mac Allister And Dominik Szoboszlai This Season

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The ‘leader’ James Maddison will play for his new Tottenham team excites Ange Postecoglou.

Maddison spent five years with Leicester, where he won the FA Cup and registered 55 goals in 203 appearances before completing a £40 million transfer to Spurs last month.

Postecoglou expressed his excitement about James joining the team.

Any manager will tell you that having various attacking threats and a midfielder who can score and set up goals are important components of what makes a team dominant.

They are difficult to locate. In the recent years, he has demonstrated that he is capable of performing at that level.

“When you look at Tottenham over the past few years, the front three have been incredibly crucial to their goal scoring.

“I believed that looking for a player like James was a really excellent fit for us; it would be even better if we could land James.

“I was incredibly happy, and the fact that we finished early was fantastic because it gives him a respite. I’m not sure what condition he’ll be in when he gets here because he just gave birth to twins!

But once we get him in, it will allow him to accompany us on the tour, and I can tell he’s quite eager to do so.He definitely knows a number of the guys, and I believe he is at a point in his career where he feels ready to assume leadership roles, which is fantastic because this team needs players who are willing to take on that role.

We’re going to need leadership on the field, whether they’ve been here for years or this is their first year, and he feels like he can be a player that provides that.