Read Up “After losing the Manchester United captaincy, Harry Maguire has been advised to leave the Premier League.” According to talkSPORT analyst Gabby Ahbonlahor, “Sometimes you’re at a club and it’s a big club like Manchester United, you don’t want to leave, you’re captain,” she stated on the Sports Breakfast.

“However, the fact that the armband was taken away from you indicates that you won’t play enough football next season, and I believe Harry Maguire should tell himself, “I need to play someplace, I’ve got the Euros coming,” is something that he should do.

If I were him, I would join another European league. “Go and play someplace, but play at a level that you think you’re good enough to play at.

Harry Maguire is a top center-half in my opinion, therefore I’m heading to Italy or Spain to play regular football and escape the negativity that seems to surround you at Manchester United.

“I don’t like how Manchester United supporters treat him. If I were him, I would quit the circus.

After Losing The Manchester United Captaincy, Harry Maguire Has Been Advised To Leave The Premier League
After Losing The Manchester United Captaincy, Harry Maguire Has Been Advised To Leave The Premier League

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Since only the Premier League is competitive, Cristiano Ronaldo has said he won’t be going back to Europe.

Ronaldo was questioned if he would ever return to Europe following his Al Nassr team’s 5-0 preseason loss to Celta Vigo.

“I’m 100 percent sure I won’t return to any European club,” he responded. The door to European football is permanently shut, so I won’t go back.

“I’m 38 years old, and the standard of European football has declined significantly. The Premier League is the only league in my opinion that has a lot of talent and performs at a higher level than all the others.

“The level of the Spanish league is not that high. The Portuguese league is a respectable league but not the best league in the world.

“The German league has lost a lot as well, I believe. There’s no way I’ll ever play in Europe again. I’d like to perform in Saudi Arabia.


Following his rival’s transfer to the Major League Soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo made a barely disguised jab at Lionel Messi.

Contrary to the trend of aging footballers accepting the millions on offer to travel to Saudi Arabia, Messi has joined Inter Miami.

That movement was founded by Ronaldo, who turned down substantial offers from his professional opponent to join him when he joined Al Nassr.

When asked if he would consider moving to the US, Ronaldo responded, “The Saudi league is better than MLS.”

All of the players are now arriving here. More elite athletes will visit Saudi Arabia in a year.

“I opened the way to the Saudi league, and now all the players are coming here,” Ronaldo continued.