Check Out “According to rumor’s, Tottenham would give Harry Kane £400,000-a-week to stay and reject Bayern Munich.” This coming week, Kane will have his first encounter with the club’s new manager, Ange Postecoglou, and during that meeting, the topic of his next career will most certainly come up.

Postecoglou has stated that the club has not provided him with any promises regarding Kane, who will be returning on Wednesday to start his preparations for the upcoming season.

Kane is rumored to want to move to Bayern Munich after speaking with Thomas Tuchel, despite the fact that Tottenham Hotspur have promised to turn down all offers for their star striker and that Bayern Munich are eager to get Kane to Germany this summer.

Daniel Levy has not given up hope of signing Harry Kane to a new contract, and the Daily Telegraph reports that he is willing to make the England captain the club’s highest paid player in its history by providing enormous weekly pay in north London of £400,000. Levy has not given up hope of signing Kane to a new deal, and he is reported to be willing to make this offer.

According To Rumor's, Tottenham Would Give Harry Kane £400,000-A-Week To Stay And Reject Bayern Munich
According To Rumor’s, Tottenham Would Give Harry Kane £400,000-A-Week To Stay And Reject Bayern Munich

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Declan Rice’s transfer to Arsenal is still pending confirmation, and it appears that the ‘wording of the transaction’ is to blame for the delay.

According to Sky Sports’s reports, West Ham United are awaiting the final text of the transfer agreement to be approved by the legal team representing Arsenal.

After that has been resolved once and for all, they will sign the agreement, and Rice will finish moving across London in exchange for £105 million.

Even though they are about to go for their preseason trip to the United States this coming weekend, Arsenal is still highly keen in signing Declan Rice before they leave.