Check out “What a privilege!” Neal Maupay has disclosed that he called his baby Ollie Watkins the hero of England! The two forwards were teammates at Brentford, and Maupay was so proud of his friend that he included a tribute in the name of his newborn.

The Everton striker said to AllSportsPredictions, “Ollie’s my friend; we played together.” He really did score a fantastic goal—a true striker’s goal, you know. Finish with a touch. Thus, I’m overjoyed for him.

I’d like to tell you a story. My son is named after Ollie Watkins. “I loved the name Ollie when I first met him about eight years ago at Brentford, and I said I would name my son Ollie if I had one someday.” “To let him know, I actually spoke with him last week.”

What a privilege, Ollie Watkins Says | AllSportsPeidictions
What a privilege, Ollie Watkins Says | AllSportsPeidictions

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Southgate will remain

Ashley Young believes that regardless of what happens on Sunday, England should continue to be led by Gareth Southgate. Now that he has led the Three Lions to consecutive Euro finals, Southgate will do all in his power to finally win the championship against Spain.

Despite his many detractors this summer, Southgate will be feeling confident going to Berlin after his outstanding performance against the Netherlands last night.

“Whether Gareth Southgate is going to leave after this tournament, whether they’re going to sack him, for me, I would give it to him,” Everton star Young said on AllSportsPrediction.

To be honest, keep Gareth Southgate in the position. He has led us to two semifinals and one final. He’s performing admirably. “It was a well-deserved and fantastic performance. We should have defeated Holland yesterday, in my opinion.

Of course, someone else could lead the team even farther, but equally likely, someone else could enter and the group would not be able to achieve as much as it has. “After Sunday’s final, so many questions could arise.”

Southgate will remain.
Southgate will remain.

To be the leader of this unique group is an honor

Virgil van Dijk, a defender for Liverpool, has praised the Netherlands‘ Euro 2024 effort after their shocking loss to England last night. Van Dijk expressed his excitement for some downtime in order to “physically and emotionally” refuel.

On social media, he wrote, “This hurts.” Our adventure comes to a conclusion after a protracted and hard tournament. “We are very grateful to our supporters who have supported us, traveled with us, and been there for us the entire time.

It’s time for a much-needed vacation to think back on last year’s highs and lows, both mentally and physically. “It was an honor to take charge of this unique group.”

To be the leader of this unique group is an honor - AllSportsPredicions
To be the leader of this unique group is an honor.