View this “Wall of Yellow to become Orange.”  The renowned “Yellow Wall,” Dortmund’s south stand in Signal Iduna Park, is set to undergo a makeover. Given that Dortmund is thought to be less than two hours’ drive from Eindhoven, the Dutch city, many Oranje supporters have found the trip to be of little trouble.

The stadium is expected to be filled with orange jerseys for tonight’s semi-final match between the Netherlands and England, as the Dutch FA has been handed 8,000 tickets and UEFA has sold additional tickets to Dutch supporters.

With their ‘Left Right’ shout, which has become the team’s unofficial song, Dutch supporters have already wowed onlookers during Euro 2024, astounding Germany. England’s Three Lions face a potentially horrific situation tonight as the ‘Yellow Wall’ stand, which can accommodate up to 25,000 people, is expected to transform into the ‘Orange Wall’.

Wall of Yellow to become Orange in Euro 2024 semi-final | AllSportsPredictions
Wall of Yellow to become Orange in Euro 2024 semi-final | AllSportsPredictions

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When you’re blessed with oranjes

With only a few hours till kickoff, Dortmund is already being overrun by Dutch supporters! A staggering 100,000 Netherlands supporters are anticipated to descend upon the city ahead of tonight’s semi-final, meaning that England fans will be outnumbered.

Throughout the tournament, the Oranje supporters have flooded German cities with their clever side-to-side cries. Given its proximity to Germany—Boston is less than two hours’ drive from Eindhoven—many people will still visit the city even if they don’t have a ticket.

The famed Yellow Wall, which will turn Dortmund’s stadium orange for the evening, will also be there for the Netherlands supporters. Despite the fact that it feels like an away game, manager Gareth Southgate says the Three Lions are looking at it as a tremendous opportunity. He said this in a press conference.

“I think our players are used to it,” he stated. “One of the great things about this tournament has been the atmosphere in the stadium, the fact that there’s so many supporters of every team.”

“Our players are experiencing something different than they did during the previous two World Cups, and the last Euros had limited attendance (because of COVID).” Consequently, it has undoubtedly given the games a new vibe and energy.

“But I’m confident that our supporters, in whatever number they may be, will speak up, and it will be a fantastic, colorful moment because I have very clear memories of playing against Holland in the stadium when there was orange everywhere.

Ultimately, the athletes desire to participate in those kinds of events. These are the games that we would want to watch. We play football, especially international football, for this reason. “The competitions are your lifeblood. That’s our area of expertise, and we eagerly await that moment.”

When you're blessed with oranjes
When you’re blessed with oranjes

Each Small Bit Helps

Great news! Tesco will close 1,800 of its stores early on Sunday if England advances to the Euro 2024 final! The largest retailer in the UK has declared that Tesco Express locations will close early, at 7:30 p.m., rather than their customary closing time of 10 or 11 p.m.

This will enable workers to continue receiving payment for their hours worked while still taking part in the Sunday night final. But don’t worry—employees who choose not to watch the final will still be paid normally. On Sunday, stores will remain open during the day so that patrons can stock up on all the necessities for the pre-match.

Each Small Bit Helps (Tesco)
Each Small Bit Helps (Tesco)