Ray Parlour advises Arsenal to forego the Richarlison move in favour of the Leeds United player, saying, “I’d go for Raphinha.”

Raphinha Richardson

Published: 27 June 2022

Raphinha on the move

Ray Parlour thinks the Brazilian midfielder might change the way the Arsenal’s offence is formulated.

This summer, Mikel Arteta wants to revamp his attack, and the club has reached a £45 million agreement to recruit Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City.

Although Richarlison of Everton is the player the club is chasing, the Brazilian is considered as a direct replacement for Alexandre Lacazette.

Richardson is jubilant about avoiding relegation.

Because the Toffees barely made it out of the Premier League last year, Richarlison wants to depart Goodison Park.

Richarlison is interested in staying in the Premier League if he gets his wish to leave the club, and Arsenal has looked into a trade for him.

Richarlison in action for his country Brazil

Raphinha, though, is more tactically adaptable, in Parlour’s opinion, and Richarlison should be avoided.

Parlout stated to talkSPORT that Raphinha is a quality player. Any club, I believe, will be intrigued by Raphinha.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Richarlison is a fantastic player, but I also think he can be erratic at times. You must use him in the proper context.

Raphinha, though, has shown to be a quality player, and I’m sure many clubs will be interested in signing him as well.

Raphinha Brazil
Raphinha in action for his country Brazil

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