PL player allegedly cheated using the OnlyFans model.

It has been suggested that a Premier League star had an affair with an OnlyFans model known for her oral sex tour. Paola boasted that she’d visited 700 of the 19 million people who said “no” after promising to do so in just three months. Having been “used and humiliated,” she now claims to have fallen in love with a cheating Prem star.

Published:14 july 2022

According to an interview she gave to the Daily Star, the footballer started kissing her repeatedly in front of everyone at a house in Italy when she first met him. “We got into a car and started having sex, but when several of our friends showed there, we had to stop.

During our trip to a disco, he became inebriated. He wanted to give me his phone number, and he gave it to me throughout dinner.”A second meeting is said to have taken place the following day, and the two then agreed to meet again in London.

The player is said to have started pestering Paola, 32, for nude photos after they met again in the UK, and the model decided to play pranks on him. She alleges they carried on their relationship in London, meeting at the Mayfair Hotel and other posh spots, although she insisted on paying for their travel expenses.

Footballer later changed his mind and ended their relationship with Paola by ignoring her. When asked how she felt about his abrupt change of heart, she added: “I couldn’t tell if I was more depressed or enraged.

For the first time, I recognized him for the horrible guy, liar, rude, and eager to take advantage of somebody he really is. “He abused me and cheated on his girlfriend with me.” Just what type of a dude am I dealing with here?”

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