Pisa vs Benevento – Preview, and Predictions

Pisa vs Benevento – Pisa has been in good form in Serie B this season. They finished third, two points behind Serie A. However, their recent form is not particularly impressive. They were defeated 1-0 on the road by Benevento in the opening leg of the Play-offs. The aforesaid setback was their third consecutive loss in Serie B. They should enhance their form because it is not very outstanding.

Prior to the start of the first leg, Benevento was in poor form. They gained momentum late in the game, allowing them to snare wins at vital moments. Their victory over Pisa in the first leg could help them in the second leg. Anyway, Pisa has the home edge this weekend, and we may expect some surprises given Benevento’s one-goal lead.

Pisa vs Benevento – Betting Analysis

Pisa’s recent inconsistency stems primarily from their on-road appearances. Benevento also suffered a defeat in the first leg. The point is that Pisa’s home form is good enough to compete. They have won all nine of their league games at home this season. Their offensive line looks strong, but their defense appears to be lacking. Because of their defensive tenacity, several of their recent home matches have ended in draws.

Benevento, on the other hand, has an average road record. They’ve lost three of their last six league games on the road. Even in those games where they won, we can see their goal preventing side breaching. Based on the given data, we believe Pisa will score more than Benevento at the end of the game. We also expect goals from either side, contrary to their previous head-to-head trend, given their respective defenses.

Pisa vs Benevento – Head-to-Head

Pisa vs Benevento - Head-to-Head

Our Prediction: Home To Win