Our mission is: “To partner with Sports Enthusiasts all over the world who want to earn money on the side while passionately following the sport that gives them deep pleasure without going bankrupt in the process.”

That, in a nutshell, was why ALL SPORTS PREDICTIONS was established two years ago.

And our modus operandi?

Having pioneered the sports publishing business in Nigeria for more than three decades, we saw a new interest amongst sports fans which is to predict the outcome of sports matchups.

Predicting the outcome of games has always been what sports followers engaged in. It’s one of the reasons interest in sports events became a global passion, tending in some cases to addiction.

When entrepreneurs, who are always looking for the opportunity to make a buck here and there saw a chance to introduce sports betting, sports enthusiasts who believe in their ability to forecast the result of games jumped head long into it.

Of course, forecasting the outcome of games is not always as easy as it seems. Many have burnt their fingers — and their money — in the process.

It’s not different from playing the stock market. You win some and you lose some.

But like sports itself, once your interest is forecasting the outcome of games is kindled, it is always difficult to pull back.

We know that sports won’t go away. Even Covid-19 couldn’t stop it.

So also is sports betting. For as long as people are willing to drop everything to watch a sport, be it horse racing, tennis or football, and there is an entrepreneur willing to offer money to those who want to wager a bet on a sports event, there will be sports enthusiasts who will go after the carrot the entrepreneur is dangling temptingly.

No one can really do anything about that!

And this is where All Sports Prediction comes in.

Sports publishing is our core business. We live and breathe it.

With a substantial population of our sports following community finding another passion within sports entertainment, it is just natural that we follow them to render a desperately needed service for them.

No prizes for guessing what the service is … it’s sports prediction!

But our sports prediction service is different from most of the ones you know.

Unlike those other ones, our sports prediction service is NOT basically after our customers, the bettors’, money.

We also are risking our own money!


Let’s lift the curtain on how we operate and you will see what we mean.

We have painstakingly developed two betting formulas which we have tested to determine its efficiency.

We call the first one ASP’s Formula 3-4-7 (which we have now refined to ASP’s Formula 2 in 7) and we will be releasing once in a month.

The second one is ASP’s Formula 1 in 3 and this will be released weekly.

What the two formulas means basically is that Formula 2 in 7 will give you two winning tickets out of the seven tickets we will give you while Formula 1 in 3 will give you one winning ticket out of the three tickets we will give you.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

If our well-refined formula works as we are convinced it would, that is when we will be entitled to the money you pay us to buy it.

If it doesn’t, we are not entitled to your money.

We are able to do this because our ASP’s Formulas are back by our irrevocable money back guarantee (MBG).

It’s either you win or you get your money back.

This is why we said earlier on that we also are risking our money in offering this service to you.

Yes, we are!

If the formulas we sell to you don’t give you the winning tickets we promised you, you don’t owe us a dime.

But, spare a second and think about this. Yes, you will not owe us anything right? But we are owing our staff their salariesfor producing the formula!

So, we are also risking our money like you!

But we don’t like throwing our hard earned money away. That is why we do our very best to ensure that the tickets we give you are the ones we settle for after doing our homework well.

We have put our formulas to test.

And we have put our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (MBG) to test too.

Both the formulas and the MBG have worked perfectly.

And we have the testimonies of satisfied customers to back up our claim.

Our mission is clear … We will be winning together or losing together.

But take it from us … we will be doing more winning than losing.