Check out “Never wager against Ronaldo.” Piers Morgan thinks that at Euro 2024, those who make fun of Cristiano Ronaldo will wind up looking rather ridiculous. “I think the final will be Portugal vs England, and I would never ever bet against Ronaldo,” he said on AllSportsPredictions.

“Those who make fun of Ronaldo include the BBC. You may have seen their mocking graphic about ‘Penaldo’ missing penalties and other things. Iconic athletes would never be subjected to that, would they? Why is Ronaldo being singled out?

“This week, I read a fantastic article by Martin Samuel in the Times about Bellingham and Ronaldo and how you have to accept these individuals for who they are. They play for trophies. They are the walkers’ cocks.

“However, notice how the Portuguese players came together to support Ronaldo when he became strangely upset after missing the penalty. They were aware of his significance. They were aware that he had led that squad for the past twenty years. He is aware that he practically brought home a trophy for Portugal.

“They will walk over burning coals for him because they are aware of that. Those who make fun of Ronaldo should keep in mind that, in my opinion, he is the best player to have ever played the game—certainly the best goal scorer.

“The ardor and longing… I’m telling you that England will win this tournament if every player for England displays even half of the passion that Ronaldo displayed the other day—from when he missed that penalty to when he got up and took the first one when it came to actual penalties.

“Yet, Ronaldo is the one being made fun of, even though I can see more enthusiasm in him right now than I do in the entire England team together. I think we should see our players do that more often. “Let’s see players literally move to tears because they want to win for their country.”

Never wager against Ronaldo. | AllSPortsPrediction.
Never wager against Ronaldo. | AllSPortsPrediction.

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Retain the manager

Phil Foden expressed his “sorrow” for under-fire manager Gareth Southgate and insisted that England’s greatest players should be held accountable for a run of subpar performances at Euro 2024. The Manchester City attacker stated, “I think the players have to shoulder some of the blame.”

Leaders must come together to determine the reason why something isn’t working. The manager is only capable of so much. He instructs you on how to press after setting you up in a system. You must if things aren’t going that way.”

Given that several of the players in the current England team have worked closely with club managers like Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta, and Jurgen Klopp, the majority of the blame for Southgate’s poor performances in Germany has been placed on his shoulders.

“I sympathize with Gareth,” Foden said in response to a question concerning the manager’s workload. “That is not what he set out to do. He has been asking us to press and stay high up on the pitch during training, but sometimes I think the players need to lead by example.

“We need to take charge and I think that throughout those games, we had a chance to talk more together and figure out a solution. “So yeah, I think we’ve talked about it more. If it occurs in a game again, we can get together, figure out what’s going wrong, and find a solution.”

Phil Foden back: Retain the manager| AllSportsPredictions.
Phil Foden back: Retain the manager | AllSportsPredictions.