‘Mummy G.O.’ Criticizes Christians Who View BBNaija

Controversial Funmilayo Adebayo, a.k.a. Mummy GO, a Nigerian evangelist, has criticised Christians who watch the well-liked reality television programme BBNaija.

Published : 28 July 2022



She was seen pleading with her followers in a viral video, giving reasons why they should avoid the show and labelling Christians who watch it “bastards.”

During a sermon, the preacher described the show’s emblem in her own words: “This is the logo of Big Brother Nigeria” (BBNaija). You are nothing but a bastard if you’re watching this satanic broadcast as a child of God.

She then called pastors who have viewers in their congregations “bastards” in a further tirade. “And not only are you a bastard, but so is your pastor,” because this emblem depicts Orion’s eyes, one of the archangels who died fighting God—or rather, anti-God—the preacher continued.

After clips of the controversial evangelist’s sermons trended on the Nigerian internet earlier this year, she became a social media celebrity.

According to Mummy G.O, even Lucifer wouldn’t utter those things in some of the doctored videos that were being shared online.

“I watched the videos, but I didn’t feel horrible because some of the people who posted them are my adversaries. 90% of them are merely using social media for amusement and following trends. They have never met me.

“Many are unaware of the scandalous origins of it. The youth in Nigeria are under too much stress. What will make them chuckle is needed. Some people had no idea I existed. Those are not the things I said. Videos are typically altered.

If Lucifer were to become a pastor, let alone a preacher, he wouldn’t utter stuff like that. They began doing it eight years ago. When magazines didn’t work, they started sending armed individuals to find me, she claimed.

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