Lizzy Gold explains why celebrities are kidnapped

Published : 1 August 2022

Lizzy Gold, a Nigerian actress whose real name is Elizabeth Onuwaje, claimed in an Instagram post that false Celebrity kidnappings are often fueled by social media and Wikipedia..

Her message was made a few days after Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornel, two Nigerian actors, were abducted in Enugu.

People should refrain from accepting the exaggerations published online, according to Lizzy, who said that she is not as affluent as the information on Wikipedia suggests.

Lizzy included a screenshot of what is purported to be her biography in the web post she made. She is reportedly valued $400,000 (about N285 million), according to information on the platform, a claim she has since refuted.

Gold posted on her Instagram, saying;

“They assume we are so rich, which is one of the reasons actors are being kidnapped,” the actor said. I must detain the perpetrator of these lies.

Despite my best efforts, I am currently nowhere near reaching the fortune listed there… I’m a hustler, thus I never get paid. I even discover those that steal from me. Please disregard everything you read online.

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