Read up “King Cole as a young man”. Forward Kwadwo Duah of Switzerland is perplexed as to why Cole Palmer hasn’t featured more during Euro 2024. The 22-year-old had a fantastic season with Chelsea last year, tallying 22 goals in the Premier League and dishing out 11 assists.

Palmer has not been used much by manager Gareth Southgate thus far, but he made another impression when he was brought on for the second half of England’s comeback victory in overtime against Slovakia in the round of 16.

The Chelsea supporter from London, Duah, acknowledges that he is baffled as to why Palmer has not received more playing time before Saturday’s quarterfinal matchup with Switzerland in Dusseldorf. Duah said at a press conference, “He (Palmer) had a very, very good season last year.”

King Cole as a young man | All Sports Predictions
King Cole as a young man | All Sports Predictions

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Cole in his cucumber form

Cole Palmer acknowledges that in a penalty shootout, the pressure to convert increases, but he maintains that he would be prepared to convert for England in the 2024 European Championship. England is getting ready for their quarterfinal matchup against Switzerland in Dusseldorf on Saturday night, as the elimination stages get underway.

Palmer’s nine spot kicks came from Chelsea matches last season; he also scored one in the Carabao Cup shootout victory against Newcastle. Palmer remarked, “It is so much different” to step up during a shoot-out as opposed to a game.

“I was discussing this with someone the other day. Everything. You begin to consider your options when you are aware that you will be penalized. And there’s the whole coin toss thing. “The strain keeps building as you have to stand there and watch everyone else take it. If you miss in a game, you still have time to act and score.

“There isn’t time to make amends if you miss. You are solely responsible if you miss and everyone scores. It’s merely more strain.” Palmer would be fully prepared to go if called upon, even with the additional strain.

“I’d be nominated on the pitch and wouldn’t have a choice but would take one,” he stated to the BBC. “I missed one penalty in the Youth Cup, but I was a baby, and I’ve only ever taken two in shootouts. and this season at Newcastle.”

Cole in his cucumber form | All Sports Predictions.
Cole in his cucumber form | All Sports Predictions.


When asked by AllSportsPredictions where he would love to play for England, Cole Palmer said clearly: “Anywhere near the net.” Palmer, however, responded, “Maybe not on the left but maybe as a right forward,” when Faye Carruthers asked him about his preferred position to play.

However, I don’t mind the left. “There are moments when I enjoy crossing the field and briefly moving to the left in order to get the ball in. On the left, things can be quite enjoyable at times.”

Cole Palmer said clearly: "Anywhere near the net." whrn asked his prefered position. | All Sports Predictions.
Cole Palmer said clearly: “Anywhere near the net.” whrn asked his prefered position. | All Sports Predictions.