Jordan Pickford marries Megan Davison in Maldives.

After marrying his childhood girlfriend soon before Covid, the England and Everton goalkeeper had to postpone their party wedding due of the pandemic.

Published:14 July 2022

After the wedding, the newlyweds had a great location for their first kiss. In the end, though, it was well worth the wait because they were able to exchange their vows on a secluded island in the Maldives in front of only thirteen people.

And because they were forced to postpone their special day due to unforeseen circumstances, Davison couldn’t wait to show the world the lovely wedding they had.

On Wednesday night, she shared several photographs with the 97,000 people who follow her on Instagram that she had taken during their special day. Following the ceremony, as the Pickfords made their way down the aisle made of sand, they exuded an air of unbridled joy.

Congratulations were extended to the wedded couple by a number of people, including Kevin de Bruyne’s wife, Michelle Lacroix, who wrote: “Congratulations.”

The wife of Tottenham and England captain Harry Kane, Kate Kane, took to Twitter to express her astonishment at the news. Riyad Mahrez’s wife, Taylor Ward, offered her congratulations to her husband and his new wife after they announced their engagement.

Danielle Lloyd gave her feedback, which was as follows: “Amazing wow wow simply stunning!!!!! Congratulations, Erin Borini, the wife of Fabio Borini, a former player for the Liverpool football club, commented, “The most amazing photographs of the most beautiful intimate day! Love you both at the same time.”

And Camille Schneiderlin, the wife of Morgan, Pickford’s former teammate with the Toffees, remarked, “Wow congratulations. I am overjoyed for you!!!”

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