Read Up “Harry Kane should join Bayern Munich, says Graeme Souness.” Although it has been claimed that the striker has agreed to personal terms regarding a move to Germany, he will not force an escape away from the club that he has called home as he still has one year left on his contract.

Souness, who began his professional career at White Hart Lane and who played abroad with Sampdoria, believes that the time is right for Kane to leave and insists that he will not regret moving to Germany, where he and his family will be happy and where he will finally win the trophies that his talent deserves. Souness calls Spurs his “first love,” and he began his professional career at White Hart Lane.

While he was still a player for Liverpool, Souness informed White and Jordan on talkSPORT that he was offered a contract to play for Bayern Munich.

“Bayern Munich are by far the most successful team in Germany, and the city of Munich itself is wonderful. Bayern Munich is a wonderful football club with a magnificent history, and they typically win the league championship every year.

“If I were Harry, I’d give it my all and really go for it. Don’t be afraid to try.

“Germany is also a wonderful country, particularly the state of Bavaria. Consequently, if I were Harry, I would attempt to do it.

“He has contributed his fair share to Spurs. He can walk away from that situation with his head held high. If he were to go, he would have no blame.

“Harry is still performing at an extremely high level, but perhaps in a year from now I will be witnessing something else. The strikers have the most difficult position to play, as it is the most difficult spot to play.

However, he would be moving to a club where he would have the opportunity to score a significant number of goals. Additionally, it would add more time to his career. Although the level of play was not quite as high as in the Premier League and the physical demands were not as great, he was still able to rack up a number of goals.

“He would come back with a suitcase full of medals, his family would adore his life there, and he would enjoy his life there.

“If it were up to me, I’d give it a shot. It is considered to be one of the best clubs in all of world football.

Harry Kane Should Join Bayern Munich, Says Graeme Souness
Harry Kane Should Join Bayern Munich, Says Graeme Souness

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Graeme Souness also maintains that Declan Rice must score more goals to justify his £105million trade to Arsenal.

Last season, Souness said former West Ham captain Rice didn’t do all a midfielder required to be great.

Souness told talkSPORT that Declan didn’t score enough goals.

You can score as a defensive midfielder. He needs goals.

Arsenal finished second last year. He’ll improve them. Declan, can they go from second to first? If so, score more.

Midfielders must be defensive-minded. That’s his. He perceives hazards. He manages. Athletically gifted. He can get them down the park. I want him to attack balls in and around the box and let him go.

“He should score double figures every year for Arsenal.”