gossip “Give. S3x doesn’t last.” Uchenna Nnanna

NEWS IN ENTERTAINMENT “Make sure you’re offering something to the table. S3x alone can’t keep a man.” – Uchenna Nnanna to women who are single

September 21, 2022


Actress Uchenna Nnanna Maduka, who is happily married, wrote a piece of advise for other single women who still think sex can keep a man interested.

The mother of two contends that there are more effective ways to maintain a happy relationship, such as being a good advisor, a moderate spender, and contributing in some way.

“Your contribution and making sure you’re contributing something to the table are what keep marriages together. You ought to be a wise counselor, a prudent budgeter, and a prudent spender. Spending more than your husband is bringing is unnecessary. In addition, God is the one being that upholds marriage. Attempt to maintain your beauty for your man. Exercise. I never make light of exercise. I tell young girls to start exercising now, rather than waiting till they are married and have kids. I’ve been going since I’ve been exercising for more than 20 years,” she remarked.

The AMVCA winner described how she had to choose between her movie shoot and her son’s health when asked about the greatest sacrifice she had ever made for her job.

“I didn’t even include that movie when I made my film, The Plot. I wonder how I missed The Plot. It was insane when I was filming The Plot; the difficulties were so great that my second son became unwell. I would return from certain places late at 11 p.m., and because he had a fever, I would have to stay up cleaning him till dawn. When I had to take him to the hospital for an injection at 5 or 6 in the morning, I would return home and leave him with my older sister and nanny. I would then resume my work after that. It got to the point where I wanted to stop the filming, but Father Leo, my spiritual father, told me not to. I’ll be praying for you here, so go to the hospital. If you remain in your home, nothing will alter. Therefore, return to work because you have qualified caregivers at home, she recalled.

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