For “Sticky,” Drake drives his limited-edition Virgil Abloh Maybach.

For “Sticky,” Drake drives his limited-edition Virgil Abloh Maybach.

A portion of social media cracked jokes after hearing Drake’s surprise album, Honestly, Nevermind, which was inspired by house music and released over the summer. The other part made it clear that the album should be played in opulent tropical settings around the globe. Drizzy set the bar high by releasing the album and embarking on a tropical water world tour in his private jet that was designed by Virgil Abloh.

Drake Displays His Limited-Edition Maybach by Virgil Abloh As for “Sticky”
With the release of the new video for “Sticky” from his most recent album, Drake finally gave us a glimpse into his summer in the tropics.

In the video, Drizzy stops by Montreal for the Lil Baby concert to kick off his journey before traveling to Miami. Drake later changes venues and exchanges the aircraft for a yacht sailing from Stockholm to Saint-Tropez and Ibiza. The 6 God uses a very unique vehicle for his outdoor adventures and ends them with a fishing trip as the video’s high point. The video featured the Maybach, also known as “Project Maybach,” which was created by Virgil Abloh.

This might be the hardest video flex we’ve seen in a while, and the video provides the first in-depth look at the interior

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