Five adjustments we’d like to see in BBNaija season 7

The return of Big Brother Naija!

What are the things that we are positively hoping not to see, and what are the ones that we anticipate seeing?

Published : 26 July 2022

The return of Big Brother Naija!

  1. More members of Generation Z

 2. Genuine love

We’ve been starved and conned enough; give us some steaming, real romance.

3. No cliched tactics

We don’t mind winning strategies if you’re coming to the house, but please bring some new ones. Spare us from stale activities.

4. We favour war

Disqualifications and verbal fights give the programme energy. Go join the peace corps if you’re a peaceful person. For our part, we desire the raving that Tacha and Bisola loved so much. Give us some drama, angst, and mystery.

Please wake up, interact with us, and make some of your own entertaining games. We are watching to have fun!

In many seasons, some housemates make it their duty to sleep unless they have a task.

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