Exclusive fixed packages pulled as £3,600 payments loom.

Experts forecast yesterday that our winter bills would total £3,616. According to forecasts made by Cornwall Insight, costs will increase to £3,358 in October and £3,616 in January.

Published: 03 August 2022

Since last year, energy prices have skyrocketed, but some energy companies have been giving their own customers the chance to lower their payments. With a fixed rate energy tariff, clients can rest easy knowing their energy costs won’t fluctuate during the contract’s term.

Standard variable rates are expected to exceed £3,600 in January, pushing the cost of fixing to an all-time high. Despite this, there were still some attractive deals to be had. Companies have started removing their most competitive deals, The Sun has learned.

EDF said in a statement, “Due to the continued instability in the energy market, which has led global energy costs to surge dramatically in recent weeks, we have discontinued the EDF customer exclusive deals we were giving.”

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to help our customers, especially the most vulnerable among them, weather this storm. The supplier no longer offers the £3050 per year “Fix Total Service Jul24v6” pricing, which was previously part of the normal variable tariff.

The “July24v7” tariff, which was worth £3,050 and was offered exclusively to customers with closing tariffs in the previous month, was also discontinued.


Executive Director of Energy Action Scotland Frazer Scott commented on the alterations, saying: “Each fixed agreement is much higher than the capped standard variable rate, but the question is whether or not it will be competitive with the next capped rate.

“With increases forecast in October and January, it would be worthwhile to make the investment today if the price is not more than 70% above the price cap.

“When you go past that, though, things get murkier. In the event of a repair, the significantly higher rate will become effective immediately.  If the limit goes up, your future payments could be lower than average.

This is a chance that may go either way.” Perhaps in anticipation of the next cap, energy providers are removing them from circulation. The 26th of August, the date of confirmation, is rapidly approaching.

Both British Gas and Shell Energy have discontinued their fixed rate offers in recent weeks. Both Scottish Power and Octopus Energy have maintained their fixed-rate plans for their own consumers. The Sun reports, however, that rival vendors are planning to end exclusive fixed-rate offers to clients.

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