NEWS IN ENTERTAINMENT Contestants on Naija Star Search take the audience down memory lane by performing an Afrobeat hit song

September 23, 2022

Last Sunday was the premiere of Naija Star Search’s main show, during which participants played nostalgic music and evoked emotions in the audience.

Even the judges participated in the nostalgia-filled viewing experience.

To find the next Afrobeats superstar, seventeen contestants from all over the nation with all origins and orientations will compete.

Each squad, which was grouped under Team Kenny, Team ID Cabasa, and Team Asha, mesmerized viewers with tender serenades as they transported the audience to a bygone era. They remixed popular Naija songs with a dash of uniqueness and street cred in addition to singing them.

Team Kennis performed the Capital FEMI song Baby I Got It with Eedris Abdulkareem. You is the One by Azadus was performed by Team Asha Gangali. Eedris Abdulkareem’s Team ID Cabasa gave a live performance at Yankee. In interpreting the contenders’ performances, the band is crucial.

Lead judge Kenny Ogungbe noted, “That’s just a warm-up to the show,” as the stage is expected to be hotter coming Sunday at 8 pm on ST Nollywood stations and the StarTimes-ON app. A collaboration between Kennis Music and StarTimes produced Naija Star Search.

The country’s first exclusive Afrobeats program, Naija Star Search is designed as such. The contestants will receive instruction in the craft and business of Afrobeats music over the course of the following three months, along with advice and criticism from the judges.

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