Daniella/Khalid Another Pleasure-Filled Night With Amaka

Khalid and Daniella, two Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, have once more been photographed engaging in an intense, protracted night of pleasure while curled up in bed.

Published : 03 August 2022

The two were caught on tape spending a considerable amount of time “cuddling” while Amaka, a housemate, watched from her bed. The two are now officially a couple in the Big Brother House.

Khalid has already acknowledged his relationship with Daniella when he told Biggie in a diary session that he is content to be dating her.

Some remarks from online commenters have been directed at Amaka, implying that given her unease, “she must be envious of Daniella and Khalid.

Why is Amaka not sleeping, Duke asked. She waits while feeling uneasy. Ehyaaa. Someone ought to assist her.@Varen Dam: “Amaka is intently and fervently watching. Envy is not good.

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