Czech tennis star, 16, was grabbed behind during celebrations by her coach and father. “WON’T occur again”

Tennis player from the Czech Republic, age 16, claims bizarre celebrations in which her father and coach grabbed her behind during US Open qualifying ‘won’t happen again,’ but claims that it is ‘NORMAL in her country.’
A video of the incident sparked online discussion and raised safety concerns.
Sara Bejlek, however, asserts that this wouldn’t be a situation in the Czech Republic.

Following conversations, she declared that celebration wouldn’t be repeated.

Bejlek lost in straight sets in the opening round after earning a spot in her first major tennis tournament.

Sara Bejlek has already been eliminated from the US Open, but a funny video that went viral has made her one of the week’s top talking points.

The 16-year-old Czech won several matches last week, including an impressive victory over Heather Watson of the UK, to earn a spot in her first Grand Slam competition.

After Watson’s victory, cameras captured her celebrating with two men who were later identified as her coach and father.

Both men could be seen patting her on the behind while her father appeared to be kissing her on the mouth as the cameras lingered.

When Sara Bejlek won, her father Jaroslav joined them in their celebration and appeared to pat her behind.

The father then appeared to kiss his daughter on the lips, which outraged the audience.

The young tennis pro first celebrated with her father before moving up the line to her coach.
Coach Jakub Kahoun also grabbed her behind as they hugged after the victory.

Bejlek shared her thoughts on the incident while social media called for the WTA to look into it.

Naturally, I watched the video. The entire team reacted on the spur of the moment. We were happy,’ Bejlek told the media.

‘We have already discussed it with the team, though it may seem awkward and inconvenient to some. It won’t occur once more.
Even though that incident happened in her first qualifying match, it gained attention just before she faced Russian Liudmila Samsonova, who is ranked No. 35 in the world.

She was defeated 6-3, 6-1 in that match.

On Instagram, the 16-year-old is shown with her father (top right) and coach (bottom right).

She responded to questions and remarks made about the two men in the picture prior to that match.
Dad is and always will be my dad. And since I was eight years old, I’ve known the coach. She continued, “He massages me and tapes me.

“No one would deal with it if something similar occurred in the Czech Republic,” someone said. But because we’re in America, everyone talks about it.
We spoke about it, though, so it won’t happen again.
Bejlek played Russian Ludmilla Samsanova in her US Open debut on Monday.
The 16-year-old Bejlek shared a photo on Instagram with her father following her qualifying victory.