Cristiano Ronaldo trains with black eye and wounded face after Portugal injury

Portugal injury
The goalie for the Czech Republic, Tomas Vaclik, collided with the Manchester United player, leaving him covered in blood.

Published: Monday, September 26

Both attempted to loft a ball into the air, but the Olympiakos goalkeeper’s arms struck CR7 in the face, knocking him to the ground and necessitating medical care.

He ultimately stood back up and continued the game while wearing a plaster on his nose. Ronaldo failed to score and gave away a penalty that was missed by Patrik Schick as Portugal went on to win the game 0–4.

Portugal injury

They will play Spain in the Nations League next. Despite being injured, Ronaldo continued to train with the team and is anticipated to captain the offence in his country’s final World Cup qualifier.

To maintain their position atop the standings and go to the Nations League finals, Portugal must avoid defeat. They are in a strong position to repeat as tournament winners after winning the inaugural one in 2019.

Portugal injury 2

Naturally, Ronaldo will keep a close eye on the World Cup, which may be his last. The legendary athlete, though, is still focused on competing in Euro 2024. At the World Cup, Fernando Santos’ team is in a group with Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea.

When Ronaldo, 37, knocked a youngster with autism’s phone to the ground, he was charged with breaking FA guidelines. After his team lost to Everton at Goodison Park in April, the Man United attacker seemed to slap young Jacob Harding’s hand.

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