BBNaija- “You Are A Very Stup1d Boy” Drama housemates argue

Phyna and Bryann, Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates and current fan favorites, got into a heated argument a few minutes ago.


Apparently, the housemates were preparing for their wager task, and Phyna stated that she does not want to participate because she is not in the mood (possibly due to eviction phobia).

Bryan, on the other hand, was not having it, claiming that it is a group effort because everyone is required for the wager presentation.

They then got into a heated argument, with insults hurled at each other.

Bryann was called stupid by Phyna, who was sitting on a towel, which prompted the former to call the others names.

“You are a stupid boy; you have nothing in your head; you are a useless entity,” she exclaimed.

Amaka, on the other hand, jumped into the fray to support Phyna as the other housemates became involved in the debate.

Khalid followed Amaka to the bathroom to continue the conversation, which devolved into another squabble between them.

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