Armie Hammer Docuseries to Take Down Alleged Bite Mark Image

Armie Hammer Docuseries to Take Down Alleged Bite Mark Image

Following its premiere, “House of Hammer,” a new Discovery+ docuseries about the allegations of sexual abuse against Armie Hammer, has changed, removing an image of an alleged bite mark that one of the actor’s ex-wives mistook for a picture of her own body. It turns out that the image in question resembles a bite mark tattoo that was found on Pinterest.

Courtney Vucekovich, one of Hammer’s ex-partners who has accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, talks about the love-bombing, coercion, and abuse she allegedly experienced during her relationship with the actor in “House of Hammer.” She claims that during an on-camera interview, the actor persuaded her to engage in BDSM activities like rope bondage and biting that did not make her feel safe.


In “House of Hammer,” Vucekovich remarks, “He bites really hard.” She describes the alleged biting while a picture of a bite mark is displayed. In the documentary, Vucekovich claims that she thinks Hammer took the picture of her body.

She claims that Hammer left bite marks on her, telling her to wear them as a badge of honor. It was almost as if he persuaded me that I was fortunate to have it. As crazy as it sounds, I was taking that at the time as love. Now that I see it, it makes me feel sick. He challenges you by pushing your limits a little at a time.

The bite mark tattoo photo appeared to have originated online and appeared to have been discovered on Pinterest, as noticed by social media users on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter shortly after the docuseries’ debut.

Variety has confirmed that Talos Films, the company behind “House of Hammer,” is currently working to remove the image from the docuseries.  The production company reiterates its support for Hammer and Vucekovich’s other accusers in a statement.

“We take the obligation to represent victims’ stories seriously. A representative for the docuseries says in a statement obtained by Variety that “when new information came forward about this series, we immediately began investigating it and will make any appropriate changes as quickly as possible.” “We stand firmly behind the crucial message in this docuseries and are proud of those who came forward to share their truth with the public, including Courtney Vucekovich and Casey Hammer.

In a statement to People over the weekend, Vucekovich said that Hammer had sent the picture to her when they were dating and that she had mistakenly thought it was a picture of her own body.


“When you’re being ‘love-bombed,’ you get lots of pictures all at once. I received a ton of messages from Armie, along with a ton of pictures and videos. Given that I have dozens of photos showing his abuse of my body, I thought the bite mark in the photo that Armie sent within our archived text thread was of me, Vucekovich said to the publication. I decided to share my experience in order to make others aware of what I went through in my relationship and hopefully prevent them from going through what I did.


Vucekovich claims in “House of Hammer” that Hammer once left a letter in an envelope at her apartment complex that contained the words “I am going to bite the fuck out of you” and was signed by him. Hammer has not confirmed the authenticity of the image of that photograph that was displayed on screen.

The “House of Hammer” directors told Variety in an interview conducted last week before the docuseries debuted that they were “rigorous in vetting” throughout their filmmaking process.


Julian P. Hobbs, who co-directed with Elli Hakami, responded to a question about verifying the allegations made against Hammer by saying, “We always vet our films through multiple lawyers. No other movie we’ve made has undergone as much testing as this one has because we had to get it right. Triple sourcing was used instead of just double sourcing. When in doubt, leave it out, was the message. Each step of the production process involved thorough research, archival examination, and legal review of all the film’s materials. Since we weren’t completely certain that a photo was being attributed to the correct person and location and that we had permission to use it, we had to replace it even as recently as two days ago.


Hammer hasn’t responded to any of the claims made in “House of Hammer,” and when Variety contacted the actor’s legal team for a statement following the premiere of the docuseries last week, the representative didn’t provide one. But the actor has consistently and previously refuted every accusation. Every sexual encounter, according to Hammer’s attorney, was “consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”


Early in 2021, after a flurry of “cannibalism” headlines dominated the tabloid media, Hammer was the target of allegations of sexual abuse. After that, he lost his agent, WME, and a number of high-profile projects, effectively leaving Hollywood. In the wake of the public scandal, Hammer spent time receiving treatment, a source close to the actor previously revealed to Variety. He currently has no projects scheduled and is the focus of an LAPD investigation into a rape allegation made by one of his former partners, Effie, which he categorically denies. The lawyer Gloria Allred, who appears in “House of Hammer,” is Effie’s legal counsel. In an interview last week, Effie expressed her disapproval of the docuseries, saying, “The way they’ve been exploiting my trauma is disgusting… they remind me of Armie.”