ANNOUNCEMENTS Nedu says not to confide on friends.

NEWS IN ENTERTAINMENT person in the media Nedu explains why it’s best to keep your difficulties private from your pals.

September 23, 2022

Nedu Wazobi, a Nigerian comedian and on-air personality, used his Instagram account to explain why you shouldn’t discuss your concerns with friends.

The comic claims that it is not a good idea to discuss your troubles with pals because they will “screenshot” it and spread the word.

The performer continued by saying that God is the only person you can chat to discuss your difficulties who won’t “screenshot” your message. He emphasized that talking to God about your issue is preferable to informing others who can help “popularize” your issue.

“If you have a problem, tell God about it, not your buddies, because only God doesn’t screenshot your messages,” he said.

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Nedu Wazobia told his side of the events, according to KFN.

He had been charged with domestic abuse and being a neglectful father by his ex-wife. In a post on her Instagram account, Uzoamaka Ohiri accused her ex-husband of neglecting his children.

Additionally, she said that he beat her while his mother watched after she underwent surgery.

Uzor also questioned why Wazobiafm, Lagos still permitted her husband to broadcast marital lectures and shows despite the fact that he was one of several men who beat their wives until they passed out.

In an effort to clear his identity, Nedu posted his proof on Instagram, accusing his wife of the alleged domestic abuse and explaining how he discovered their first son is not a blood relative.

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