“Acting” Baba Ijesha’s health declines; reactions

All of this is acting, Reactions to Baba Ijesha’s calls for assistance due to his failing health

September 27, 2022

While actor Baba Ijesha begs for assistance due to his failing health, Nigerians aren’t falling for his pity card game. The troubled actor, who is still serving a prison sentence, reportedly turned to social media hours ago to beg Nigerians for help, according to Kemi Filani.

The disgraced actor, who was found guilty of rape in July, disclosed that while incarcerated, he had been suffering a terrible and potentially fatal illness that had worsened his condition. According to Baba Ijesha, he is no longer able to sleep or eat well.

The actor, who pleaded with Nigerians to spare his life because he doesn’t want to pass away, was being tortured over a crime he did not commit. The comedian Princess accused the actor of defiling her adopted daughter, and the actor continued by pleading with God to judge Princess.

Nigerians are dragging him rather than feeling sorry for him. Many believe that his call for help is simply a fresh strategy to get out of jail.
“These are what u should have thought of before starting at all,” remarked Abidamm Ahigeal.

“Oga serve ur sentence and be sorry for once oh,” Maccopeper Venski wrote. You have no sense of shame? According to a Haggiotti, “This is genuine acting. Every action carries with it repercussions.

“Oga serve your jail term in peace and more so when you were found you admitted all that you done to that poor girl,” Omowunmi Omobola stated in a letter. Put an end to seeking empathy where none exists.

“Hand go dey touch everyone of you who love to dey molest youngsters,” Samantha Idunu wrote in a letter. “You still get mouth if there wasn’t evidence you wouldn’t be in jail na enjoy ur stay ogbeni ja so

“Him no know dat while he was busy doing fragrance style before make we hear word,” wrote Wande Olajide. “Shut that your gutter mouth, if you claimed princess lied against you what about others that testify of your paedophile nature, serve your term without causing scene,” Abisola Lapatrona stated in the following thread. Jare, if you still have any left, show some respect. Mtchewwwwww Very amusing, he’s still a comedian, serve ur time with dignity, wrote one little guy.

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